Mercedes G-Wagon meets the Matrix

On December 18th, the all-new “The Matrix Resurrections“ celebrated its US premiere in San Francisco. And the Mercedes-Benz G 550 is part of the movie. At the premier, the G-Wagon was shown off as a special “red pill” installation.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

Neo, the main character in the film, is again faced with the crucial question: the blue or the red pill? If he takes the blue pill, he remains in the everyday life of the simulated world of the Matrix. If he chooses the red one, he escapes from the alien-determined life into the unknown real world and once again fights against the rule of the machines. Mercedes-Benz (Website) appeared at the premiere via the installation of an imposing red pill next to the historic film palace. It was around 12 metres long, four metres wide and 3.5 metres high. In it, a powerful Mercedes-AMG G 63 in selenite grey was presented. In the film, the off-road icon G-Class also takes part in a fast-paced chase. In a G 550, more rebels pave the way for Neo and Trinity, the two main movie characters, to escape from the Matrix.

The G-Class and the red pill go very well together. Both stand for freedom, individuality, and self-determination. That’s why we are delighted to support Warner Bros. Pictures with the worldwide cinema release of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ with an extraordinary and attention-grabbing installation.”

Dr. Emmerich Schiller, CEO Mercedes-Benz G GmbH and Head of the Off-Road Vehicle Product Division

Source: Mercedes-Benz

He furthermore explains that Sponsorship is a central component of Mercedes’s branded entertainment activities. The manufacturer has a long tradition as a partner of the film industry, both nationally and internationally. According to Schiller, there has beed a close partnership with Warner Bros. for around 20 years, because the medium of film allows brand and product communication to be implemented in a highly emotional way and also immortalized to a certain extent. In other words: movie-cars sell.

A good example for that would probably be the 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback from the movie “Bullit” with Steve McQueen. Until today that car is an icon and dream car for generations. In fact many refer to it as the Ford Mustang “Bullit” even though that was never the cars name. Just recently Ford released the special edition Mustang Bullit, now actually called Bullit, to honour the vehicle that would shape the brands popularity until today.

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